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Flying visit to another world

Filmpark Babelsberg

You can get a glimpse behind the scenes at the making of film and television – accessibly, live and at close range. The Filmpark is home to pros from the trade and technical crews, effect engineers, animal trainers and a stunt crew Hollywood can only dream of.

How do you forge a Rembrandt? Build an imitation of a royal court? No question goes unanswered in the workshop of these dream workers, the on-site film studio, the amazing world of stunts or the Volcano Arena. Trying things out and participating is allowed, and spectacular entertainment is guaranteed. Want to sit at King Arthur's Round Table? Stand in the limelight as a weatherperson or news anchor? Take a ride on Munchhausen's cannonball or travel through Panama with characters by the beloved children's author Janosch? In the land of illusion, the impossible becomes possible.

Distance // approx. 85 km

Neuzelle Abbey

At the Neuzelle Abbey, you'll find imposing Baroque architecture in eastern Brandenburg. Over 700 years ago, Cistercian monks erected a monastery complex here, which is still completely preserved today. St. Mary's, the Catholic abbey church, is one of the most important baroque churches in central Europe. Built in 1780, the "Straw House" is one of the oldest buildings in Neuzelle. Today the nearly completely preserved construction is a museum of rural daily life in the 18th century. The history of the abbey brewery goes back to the year 1416. Tours are given with and without tastings. Reservations for them must be made in advance by phone – we're happy to do it for you.

Distance // approx. 60 km


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