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Endless possibilities

Located just outside of Berlin, A-ROSA Scharmützelsee will impress you not only with its harmonious natural setting, but also with its large variety of incentive options. The Latin root of the word, "incendere", means "to kindle excitement" – and that's just what we plan to do. From team-building exercises to celebrating the closing of a successful projects; we kindle excitement.

Golf intro course with golf tournament

Enjoy unspoiled nature and exclusive relaxation! You and your guests receive a fun introduction to the basic strokes at the driving range. Then the participants have the opportunity to put their newly-found talents to the test in a for-fun tournament on our short course, accompanied by an expert.

Sailing trip

Explore Lake Scharmützel at leisure as a team and leave all of your cares behind you, or take an active role on board. You'll come to understand the motto of the Axel Schmidt Yacht Academy: "Feel freedom, sense the power of nature. Be one with the wind and waves!" Maximum twelve participants form a crew. Larger groups can sail multiple boats together as a fleet. Prior knowledge of sailing is not necessary because a skipper from the Yacht Academy will be on board every boat.

Segway Olympics

Whether you're with friends or colleagues, riding a Segway is an unforgettable experience. It's like floating over the ground. The raised platform allows you to see easily over things around you, and always be aware of your surroundings. Fun for everyone is guaranteed on a large obstacle course with various events such as dexterity and slalom rides, see-saw riding, Segway limbo, ring-toss Segway and H2O Segway riding. At the end, of course an awards ceremony will be held.


  • Mercedes-Benz Sports Park

    For some sporty holiday fun, we recommend a visit to the nearby Mercedes-Benz Sports Park. It boasts a wide range of sporting activities, such as rock climbing, kegeln (European-style nine-pin bowling), tennis and even ice-skating. This unique experience is not to be missed!

  • Healing moor water from Kitzbühel Black Lake

    Water plays a vital role in the Kitzbühel Alps. Almost every town has its own lake. The idyllic Black Lake is among the warmest and most attractive lakes for swimming in the Alps. The high moor concentration means the water has a powerful therapeutic effect. The Black Lake is a local recreational area with plenty of sporting activities on offer, such as swimming, fishing, rowing, fitness courses and walks around the lake. In winter there's ice skating, ice hockey, curling and a selection of winter walking trails.


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A real holiday feeling

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