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Beacons of history

The Ostfeuer and Westfeuer lighthouses

On the Ellenbogen (the "Elbow"), the peninsula at Sylt's northern end, stand two of Germany's oldest  iron lighthouses still in operation. The tower in eastern List was saved from destruction in 1873 because it was constructed in segments; it was simply removed and its foundation relaid. The height and painting of the two towers distinguishes their otherwise similar construction. The lighthouse on the western side of the Ellenbogen is Germany's northernmost lighthouse.

Rotes Kliff

The small lighthouse called Rotes Kliff lies in the dunes between Kampen und List. Though its light no longer burns, for many visitors to the island of Sylt, it is still an important daybeacon and landmark for hikers. The 35 metre tall sheer cliff face goes by the same name and always provides an incomparable view of the North Sea surf. It's the iron contained in the stone that gives this excursion destination its name.


The most beautiful lighthouse on Sylt has had protected monument status since 1974. It received its distinctive paint pattern – white with a broad black ring – in 1953. Although the shaft of the tower was built very solidly, it had to be stabilised with iron bands. Its masonry tapers toward the top by 90 centimetres.


For 20 years, a school was housed in the the top floor of the lighthouse. The school closed in 1930, ending a chapter in the lighthouse's unique history. The children of Hörnum were taught there, just two of them by the end. The southernmost lighthouse on Sylt is the second tallest on the island.


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