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Endless possibilities

A-ROSA Travemünde's special location makes it a perfect choice for incentive events. And so we've assembled a variety of options for you and your employees or partners. From team-building exercises to celebrating the closing of a successful projects; we kindle lasting excitement.

"Tapas Tapas" cooking course

Experience an exclusive "Tapas Tapas" cooking course at our wine bar. Guided by our chefs, you'll try things out for yourself and discover the art of tapas-making. After the course, you can enjoy your own tapas creations served by our wait staff. You can bring all of the recipes home with you. Our recommendation: book a private wine sensory training with our restaurant manager and sommelier Jenny Kunaschk. A thrilling journey through the world of wines awaits you.

Team spirit

Experience an extraordinary evening of adventure, fun and healthy physical activity. The "Phosphorus GPS Rallye" will bring your team a little excitement with its many stimulating tasks. Using maps, a GPS device and a compass, your participants must use their team spirit and creativity at once. The individual caches and hints are marked with phosphorous so that they can be found in the dark using a torch. Set out after 9 pm on an extraordinary mission in the great outdoors.

Grand Casino

How would you feel about an eventful evening at the casino? After a welcome drink, take part in an exclusive introduction to poker by a professional croupier, including helpful tricks and tips. Then you can test out your newly acquired poker skills in a little tournament – without betting and under the expert supervision of the croupier.


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Sat., Sun., on
public holidays 9 a.m.–6 p.m.

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