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Discover the North Sea!

The North Sea is especially fascinating at low tide, when the world’s largest mudflats are exposed twice a day. Whereas large fish and cutters navigate the waters at high tide, this is the time where the true treasures of the North Sea are revealed: worms, mussels, sea snails and crabs. These creatures are used as a cold buffet by all kinds of migratory birds gathering strength before their journey to Africa, so it should come as no surprise that UNESCO named this 10,000-square-kilometre area a World Heritage Site in 2009.

The sea has plenty of health benefits for people, too. A walk along the beach that clears the airways with good salty air is just as beneficial as the traditional and modern thalassotherapy treatments you can enjoy here. In thalassotherapy, key nutrients are absorbed in high concentrations via sea water, algae and silt, promoting both health and beauty.

The North Frisian islands of Sylt, Amrum, Föhr, Pellworm and Nordstrand are located in the middle of the Wadden Sea, off Schleswig-Holstein’s North Sea coast. Although they all boast magnificent beaches, gently undulating sand dunes and an authentic Frisian lifestyle, they each have their own unique charm.

Sylt, quite possibly the most breathtaking North Frisian island of them all, is Germany’s northernmost point and offers visitors boundless possibilities. Whether relaxation, sport and leisure, or time spent as a family, Sylt has something for everyone. Come and visit us at the A-ROSA resort in List and enjoy a truly unforgettable break.


Our resort at Sylt:

Moin, from the northern point.


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